Involve Your Loved Ones on Your Hunting Land

February 22, 2021

With endless thinking spent on outsmarting big bucks, it’s important to step back and enjoy time with your family in the woods and in the stand...

As a steward of the land and obsessed bow hunter, I find that I enjoy time out in the woods even more when I get to share it with my family and friends. With seasons lasting for months and the endless thinking of how you are going to outsmart the big bucks, it’s really important to step back and make sure you enjoy some of that time with your family both in the woods and in the stand.

There really isn’t anything better than getting the chance to share something you enjoy so deeply with someone that is close with you. Being a Realtree United Country Land Pro, I am involved with land year-round with clients and developing the properties I hunt. I always try and figure out ways I can incorporate my family and friends with all of the things I do to make the land better. There is so much to teach and share about improving habitat and wildlife to our families and to our neighbors.

Things to Do on Your Land with Your Family

When developing your land for better hunting and wildlife, make sure to consider how to make it enjoyable all year long. Hunting land can be a great place to also hike and adventure, build forts with your kids or enjoy biking on trails. It is not just hunting season that should be shared its year round work and play on the land as well!

There is no point in having land if you don’t know how it fits in with your family and quality time with them. I like to have loved ones be a part of the work and observations of walking the trails, planting food plots, checking trail cameras, and sitting in the stand on cold fall evenings.

I strive to consider how to incorporate my family into the development of land and getting the most enjoyment out of the land so I am on a mission to help others (my clients) find the right land for their legacy. This allows them to not only grow mature whitetails on their property, but also ride and hike with their kids on the awesome trails that get created and maintained. There is a way to compliment the year-round recreation with the goal of growing mature bucks.

My wife and I are passionate about the outdoors and we are both designing our lives so we can incorporate that into everything we do. So, naturally, I work with land clients to help them get the most out of their land. It just hunting land, it’s the family’s land. Hunting big bucks with your kiddos, catching fish with your grandkids in your pond or building forts with your wife and kids next to the river that runs through your property; you really can do it all.

Stay Involved in the Off Season.

Don’t be afraid to involve your loved ones in the habitat and land maintenance side of the off-season. It is a great way to spend time outside and help others learn about all of the things that help make land better for wildlife, land sustainability and how to enjoy it. It is really easy to get lost in the grind of hunting and with seasons that can drag on. Remind yourself that there is something bigger than just sitting in the tree. One day, I’ll even educate my children on wildlife and woodsman-ship. I look forward to hiking around our beautiful trails with my wife and talk about our big goals and involving all of my loved ones in the process.

Final Thoughts

  1.  Make sure to incorporate your loved ones into all the parts of the land and enjoy it together.
  2. Build your hunting property in a way to enjoy other activities (ponds for fishing, biking trails, forts, etc.).
  3. Show your family and friends all of the habitat improvements and take them along for the work.
  4. Teach them about woodsman-ship (tree identifications, building fires, and so much more).
  5. Take them hunting!

We spend way too much time inside and looking at screens. Take the time to enjoy your property, not just for hunting, but for recreational opportunities all year round!